Give and let live

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Student-facing web materials

This website contains a wealth of useful information and interactive or audio-visual materials to complement your teaching:

FilmGive and Let Live introductory film – this short film sets the tone for the materials and gives students a quick snapshot of why giving during life and/or after death is important and a rewarding thing to do.

WebsiteThe Donor Map – explore the donor map to find out where to donate locally.

WebsiteBlood donation pledge – younger students can pledge to donate blood when they reach 17.

WebsiteFacts about donation – key facts on all areas of donation, including ethnic and religious considerations.

Interactive ActivityThe Donor body – the Body contains factual information about blood, bone marrow, tissue and organs. It can be used to introduce the subject to students with little understanding of the need for these parts of their bodies.

Interactive ActivityVirtual blood donation session – this interactive walkthrough explains the process of giving blood.

FilmReal stories – you can watch films or read a number of case studies about people who have benefited from or been affected by blood, organ, tissue or bone marrow donation.

Interactive ActivityQuizzes and interactive activities – there are three science based interactive true and false quizzes (for blood, organs/tissue and bone marrow) and an interactive game about donation called Body Bingo. There is also an interactive letter template called Points of View, to help students construct a letter to a religious leader.