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Teacher's book
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Activity SheetPSHE/PSD lesson plan
Activity SheetPSHE/PSD activity sheet

Activity SheetScience lesson plan: blood
Activity SheetBlood activity sheet A (low to mid ability)
Activity SheetBlood activity sheet B (mid to high ability)

Activity SheetScience lesson plan: organs

Activity SheetScience lesson plan: bone marrow
Activity SheetBone marrow activity sheet

Activity SheetRE lesson plan
Activity SheetRE activity sheet

DownloadFactsheet: Donating during life
DownloadFactsheet: Donating after death
DownloadFact sheet – it’s all in the mix
DownloadCurriculum links

Student cardStudent cards
Case studies about people who have been affected by donation, with debate and roleplay topics on the back.

Student cardAdditional support card
Help with thinking through the big questions for students using the Real stories.

PowerPoint presentations

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PowerPoint presentationScience: Blood
PowerPoint presentationScience: Organs
PowerPoint presentationScience: Bone marrow
Activity SheetRE

Activity SheetReligious education news stories
Two stories to stimulate debate about the ethics of donation.

Activity SheetKidney matching exercise cards
Classroom activity to develop understanding of the need to find a close Human Leukocyte Antigen (HLA) and blood group match for a successful kidney donation. For use in a lesson about organs.

Extension activity sheets

Activity SheetBlood
Matching blood donors to recipients - an extension activity for the Science lesson about blood.

Activity SheetOrgans
Matching organ donors to kidney transplant patients - an extension activity for the Science lesson about organs.

Activity Sheet3 to 4 lesson approach (PSHE/Citizenship)
Lesson plans and activity sheets to run an extended course of lessons for PSHE/PSD.

Activity SheetSample questionnaire questions

Help with asking questions and carrying out a survey to find out what people think about donation, as part of the three to four sessions. Available as Word or PDF version.