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Facts about donation


Facts about donation

Human Tissue

So what’s donating all about?

Blood, organs, tissue and bone marrow are used to help people of all ages who might be ill, injured, or in need of surgery.

Where does it all come from?

Donations come from volunteers – people just like you who understand the importance and know how good it feels to help someone else, without asking for any payment or reward.

Check out the interactive body to find out which parts of your body can be used to help save other people’s lives – both during your life and after your death. You might be surprised by what you find out.

If you want to get all the facts, see the sections on blood, organs, tissue and bone marrow.

Can anyone donate?

Everyone is welcome to join the NHS Organ Donor Register, at any age. And most people over 17 can give blood and bone marrow.

Find out why it is vital to have donations from people of all ethnic backgrounds.

Find out more about the support all the major UK religions give to donation.